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It's hot in the sun. Under the fierce attack of high temperature, there are a lot of people like the enemy. At this time, many people begin to envy the sunroof of other people's car. They think the sunroof is the greatest benefit of sauna weather, but do you really use the sunroof? Do you know when the skylight should be opened? Today, Xiaobian will give you the secret script of using summer skylight to let you spend the summer easily.
Secret script 1: Cool weapon
In the hot summer, after the car is exposed to the sun for a period of time, the temperature in the car can reach 60 or 70 degrees. The first reaction of most small partners after getting on the car is to turn on the air conditioner. In fact, the efficiency of this method is very low. So is there a better way? As long as the sunroof is opened at this time, convection can occur and the air flow in the vehicle can be accelerated. In fact, this is to use the negative pressure formed by the roof of the vehicle during driving to extract the hot and dry air in the vehicle, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid air exchange and cooling.
Secret script 2: a good helper to clean the air
After driving at high speed for a long time, the dirty air in the car makes people uncomfortable. At this time, if you open the external circulation, it will be a bit out of your power. If you open the sunroof, it will be different. Because when the car is running at high speed, the air flows around the car quickly and forms a negative pressure area. At this time, the negative pressure inside the car is higher than that outside the car, and the turbid air inside the car will be drawn out of the car. Because this method is not to directly enter the air, but to extract the dirty air. Fresh air is supplied from the air inlet for ventilation, so the air flow in the car is very soft, and there is no discomfort brought by the direct wind blowing on the body, and there will be no dust involved. The feeling of passengers in the car is very comfortable.济南宝马专修
Secret script 3: mist eliminator
Summer is also the season with high incidence of rainy season. Because of the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car and the rain, there will be fog in the car. Although many cars are equipped with anti fog devices, the effect is not so obvious. At this time, as long as the small partner opens the sunroof to the position of backward ventilation, it can quickly disperse the fog in the car and ensure the driving safety.
When the skylight is opened to the rear upwarped ventilation position, the little friend does not need to worry about the bad environment outside the car, let alone the rain water blowing into the car, which is much better than those so-called demisting devices.
Secret script 4: a good helper to reduce wind noise
The speed of driving on the highway is very fast. If you open the side window, there will be annoying noise around you, and the strong wind will also bring people trouble. If you open the skylight, it will be different. It can not only breathe, but also solve the noise trouble.
Secret script 5: you can't open the sunroof on bumpy roads
Although the sunroof brings a lot of convenience to the driver, it is not always possible to open the sunroof. For example, if the road is bumpy, we should try not to open the skylight. Why? The reason is simply that the vibration between the skylight and the slide rail is easy to cause the deformation of relevant parts.
Secret script 6: remember not to use a water gun to clean the skylight
The sunroof needs regular maintenance like other parts of the car, usually once every two months, but no more than half a year at most. We all know that there is a sealant strip on the outside of the skylight, which will age or even deform under the influence of the external environment. Once there is such a situation, the skylight will leak water.
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